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Our People

Since the roll out of the NDIS began in the ACT in July 2014 we have learnt a lot in terms of preparing our processes. We are particularly proud of the support we have provided to our service users helping them to prepare for their planning meetings so they could get the best packages possible to meet their needs. In addition The Disability Trust is highly respected for the way our teams have adapted to the new funding environment to make the transition as smooth as possible for our service users and their families.

Special mention must go to our Business Processes, Finance and regional transition teams who are doing an amazing job implementing all the changes and steering our systems through this very challenging change management process.

Fortunately our Managers, teams and support services are the best and I am so proud of everyone’s efforts to move from the old ways of operating to the new processes required under the NDIS.

While the change offers some big challenges it is always important to note that it is also offering exciting new models of support affording greater possibilities for our service users. This includes our own new initiatives such as Trusted Travel, Fitness 4 All, Trusted Clinical Services and Trusted Support Coordination.

Thank you to all employees at The Disability Trust. Keep up the great work everyone! You are helping to change the lives of people with disabilities and their families one NDIS plan at a time.

NDIS Management Worskhops

To ensure our employees were well informed about the NDIS we held a series of workshops and training modules with Managers and their teams around the transition to the NDIS. Sessions have included:

  • NDIS All Systems Go Training
  • Pre-Planning Processes & Support
  • Service Agreements & the Budgeting Tool
  • On-Boarding Clients & NDIS Funding
  • Rostering under the NDIS
  • Plan Reviews

Quality Audits

For The Disability Trust “quality” refers to the sum of all of those things about our organisation that are valued by our service users, their families, other stakeholders and the wider community.

Pleasingly all our hard work and investment into systems has paid off and the progress we have made received high praise from our external auditors. Successful external audits completed this year have included:

  • Disability Employment Services Quality Assurance (DESQA)
  • AS NZS ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Systems
  • Attendant Care Industry Standard (ACIS)

We have the new NSW Disability Service Standards Third Party Verification booked in for February 2018.

Thank you to everyone for ensuring that our quality systems, policies, processes, forms and files are not just audit ready but working at a practical level to make our services more efficient and responsive to the needs of our participants and their families/carers.

ACiA Standard Logo - 2013
Employee Intranet

The Disability Trust Achieves Community Housing Registration

In June this year The Disability Trust achieved Registration with the National Registrar for Community Housing (NRSCH) as a Tier 3 Community Housing Provider.  Registration will ensure we are able to provide quality housing and tenancy management to people with disability and bring our expertise in relation to the needs of people with disability into the social and community housing space.  Community Housing registration also strengthens our governance and management of our housing arrangements to ensure that a people’s support is separated from their housing and tenancy.   Building on our registration we are now moving to establish quality systems for our tenants and the homes in which they live to further strengthen our commitment to people with disability and their rights as tenants of our own or other’s properties.

Marketing Initiatives

Launch of New Trust Website

This year we saw the launch of our new Trust website. We have intentionally tried to make it really ‘pop’ with colour and feel interesting so that you click around and explore it and as a result find out more about services that can help our participants and their families.

We have also added two new website for our two new services, firstly, Trusted Clinical Services website was introduced to promote referrals to our team trustedclinicalservices.org.au.  The other site Trusted Support Coordination has been introduced as this in an independent service of The Disability Trust and has its own separate identity this site is located at trustedsupportcoordination.org.au.

Both sites have received excellent feedback and have led to an influx in participants wanting to choose The Disability Trust and access Trusted Clinical Services.


New Trust Advertising

This year has seen The Disability Trust develop a number of targeted newspaper ads focusing on Trusted Clinical Services, Trusted Support Coordination, School Leaver Employment Services and Supported Independent Living. We also launched a new television commercial that was produced by the father of one of our participants and we are delighted with the result. We also began advertising on a bus in our Far South Coast Region.

As we move more into the NDIS and competition increases it is important that our name and profile is widely known so that people with a disability and their families/ carers know that they can choose us.

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